Day 64: 23 July 2018

To start off my last week, I had a picnic with a friend in Frederiksberg Gardens, one of the largest parks in Copenhagen. We enjoyed seeing the Frederiksberg Palace and birds as we walked through the park.


Day 65: 24 July 2018

On the recommendation of one of my roommates, a friend and I went to the Cisternernes. It is an old water cistern that is no longer used by the city but has since been transformed into an underground gallery with two glass entrances in Søndermarken park. The current exhibition was called In is the Only Way Out by Jeppe Hein. The cisterns were quite cold compared to the 85° heat outside and the fire, mirrors, and gong installations really fit the dark, damp, underground setting of the cisterns.


Day 66: 25 July 2018

On this last day before my final review, I watched the first half of my classmates present their projects before completing my own later that night. As I walked home, I enjoyed how some of the familiar buildings were lit up at night. Because Copenhagen is only really dark about 11:30pm-3:00am during the summer, I don’t often get a chance to see the city lit up.


Day 67: 26 July 2018

I had my final review, which went fairly well, with good discussion, encouragement, and feedback from the visiting critics. You can see my final project Træhuset (Treehouse) here. After studio, I went with my roommate to the harbor for a quick swim to cool down from the heat. Later that night, we went to Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in Europe (the other one is also in Denmark) the park covers about 2 city blocks in the middle of the city (directly on my route between home and class) and has all sorts of rides, games, shops, and restaurants  compacted into its small area. It was a lot of fun and we spent almost 4 hours going on rides and walking around.


Day 68: 27 July 2018

For our last day of class, we went to Royal Hotel by Arne Jacobsen for cocktails and a view. Then, all of the studios (Architecture Design, Urban Design, Graphic Design, Furniture Design, Interior Design) had an exhibition of our final work before heading to a student social for beer, hot dogs, and ice cream. Later that night, I went to the harbor with a couple friends to watch the lunar eclipse. My iPhone6 camera tried its best to capture the blood moon.


Day 69: 28 July 2018

For our last full day in Copenhagen, a friend and I went to city hall. We pass by it all the time but had been recommended to go inside. The internal courtyard was beautiful, but the views from the bell tower were even better. We then got shawarmas and headed to the harbor one last time. This time, we were on the opposite side as usual and I jumped off the 5m (which was actually a little over 6m due to the low water level) just to be able to say I’d gone off all of them. After that, I headed home to pack and deep clean before getting my last ice cream in Copenhagen.


Day 70: 29 July 2018

My flight home took a scenic route over Iceland, Greenland, and Canada before landing in Newark. The 8 hour flight only took 2 hours out of my day because of the 6 hour time difference, so I had a whole day to show my family everything I’d done over the summer and give them all their souvenirs. After all, I did have a full carry-on backpack of just cookies and souvenirs on my way home.