Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City Mapped to Pittsburgh equivalence/relevance


Blighted homes in Pittsburgh that we encountered during our self-guided tour to understand the context we were working in.

home exterior
window seat

Renderings of my experience of home, recontextualized to East Liberty, Pittsburgh


Before and After our studio deconstructed CMU’s 2005 Solar Decathlon entry, which had acted as administration offices for 13 years.

Polycarbonate Removal

As part of the deconstruction process, we made a full deconstruction document set and revised it each day to accurately match the process as it occurred.

Final Stages
Crane work

We worked as a crew of 20 students with Rycon Construction, Inc. and local trainees to deconstruct the house over 2 weeks. All of the materials were inventoried and sold at Construction Junction or saved for the use in the construction of our own project


Over a series of a few years, the Urban Design Build Studio is working collectively with East Liberty Development Inc. to create market rate housing that will be sold, with profits being used to stabilize affordable housing. As of now, the schematic design has been approved with design development well underway. The studio will complete construction documents by the end of Spring 2019 and construction on the project will begin in Summer 2019. Throughout the design process, real estate analysis and RS Means construction cost data has been used to keep the design on track for it’s goal of responsibly maximizing profits.

UDBSFINALREVIEW_PRESENTATION_V02_2018_12_03 (1)_Page_5.jpg
UDBSFINALREVIEW_PRESENTATION_V02_2018_12_03 (1)_Page_4.jpg
UDBSFINALREVIEW_PRESENTATION_V02_2018_12_03 (1)_Page_3.jpg
site plan

The design was created for maximum impact and adaptability to differing site conditions and community demographic necessities.