Our technological and cultural change assumptions, which influenced the direction of our project.

parking diagrams.jpg

Diagrams beginning to explain the reallocation of parking space as technology allows for greater efficiency.


Axon of the site and surroundings showing the development in its initial state as a parking garage.


In a flexible modular system, the parking garage can be repurposed as the site demands.


As the function of the buildings transitions from strictly parking to mixed use, so to does the architecture as reflected in these elevations.

big site plans.jpg

Overtime the development will allow the neighborhood's surface lots to transform into green space or denser development.

building complex composition.jpg

The building complex use will transition over time as demand changes.

ground floor.jpg

The ground floor plan stays consistent as a public space of recreation and retail that blends with the surrounding context for pedestrians and vehicle users alike.


The upper floor plans gradually transition from parking to office, commercial, hotel, and housing as needed.