nolli plan

Ground Floor Nolli Map: The three base levels of the building consist mainly of functional programming broken by the public entrance and exhibition on the ground level. This physical relationship to the urban context manifests itself in a massive, linear system of spatial vaults. that is sectionally broken to reference the scale of Palazzo Chiericati in experiential locations.

nolli plan piano nobile

Piano Nobile Nolli Map: The upper levels of the building include a lecture hall, storage space, stairs and a floating library floor. These spaces are articulated as objects surrounded by public exhibition space, all visually enticing from the exterior, yet separated from the lower base. They reference the spatial objects created in Palladio’s Chiericati and Teatro Olimpico, but are isolated by the freedom of structural capabilities allowed in modernity. Their colors give them further definition and emphasize their individuality within a closed-off, massive context.

Front Render

Front Render: The piazza and garden act to integrate the building into its larger urban context. Within the space, the building is an object in and of itself that pulls elements into its exterior and allows the visitor to further engage. The piazza angles itself from parallel to Chiericati to present it at an oblique view, as it was intended to be viewed. 

Garden Render

Garden Render: The garden is raised to the level of the building as an extension of the exhibition space, and piers and vaults pull out of the building as a continuous architectural language.

Vault Section

Transverse Section: The vaults of the base intellectually and physically reference Palladian design and the historical context of Vicenza while the objects of the piano nobile exemplify the geometric spacemaking of Palladian design in the modernity of free-plan structural capabilities.


Plans: The distinction between the base and upper levels is evident especially in the structural systems as highlighted in the plans.

Longitudinal Section

Longitudinal Section: The vaults are sectionally broken to reference the scale of Palazzo Chiericati in experiential locations such as the exhibition space of the ground floor. The piano nobile contains objects that split up the space, including a library that floats as a mezzanine object in and of itself.

Ground Floor Exhibition

Ground Floor Exhibition: Integrated with the urban context as an extension of the garden and piazza, the ground floor exhibits drawings, maps, and information regarding the context to tell the story of Vicenza and Palladio as a singular, entertwined tale.

Object Render_Final.jpg

Piano Nobile Exhibition: After ascending through the main staircase, constantly confronted by Chiericatti on every level, occupants reach the piano nobile. Dedicated to the objects of Palladio specifically, the architectural spaces objectify geometric spaces similar to those carved in Palladian design at full scale while models act as smaller objects to show the work of Palladio.