An Atelier Bow-Wow inspired sectional perspective, this drawing shows the spatial relationships created by the built environment as well as the life inhabiting it.

A series of collages depicting sequential spaces and emphasizing specific views created by the architecture; respectively protruded, framed, formed, and opened.

A pair of diagrams, first analyzing the relationships of the stable elements of the programmatic functions, and second describing the variations of flexibility allowed.


The set of plans, the largest being the ground floor and the surrounding block, and each of the smallest being the basement, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors respectively.

massing model.jpg

A small 1/32" = 1' scale massing model representing proportionality and the relationship between the spaces.

big model.jpg

Photos of my 1/16" = 1' model with open walls to show sectional understanding of the interior spaces and materials chosen to represent concrete, glass, and metal.